Guidelines for abstracts

The meeting is bilingual, French and English. Authors select the language of the abstract. However if the abstract size permits, authors may consider a submission in both languages. Both versions will be displayed one after another, while respecting the maximum length allowed by the submission process (2020 characters).

step 1

Sign in for secure access to the abstract submission area

step 2

List all authors of all of the abstracts that you like to submit. At this step, you don't have to follow any order. You might re-order in the list in a further step. Please provide the required information for all authors: last name, first name, mail and email addresses.

step 3

For all abstracts you would like to submit, please provide a title that should not exceed 255 characters, select and order the authors of your abstract, select major and presenting authors, then copy/paste the text of your abstract that should not exceed 2020 characters (blanks included). Figures are not accepted.

step 4

If the principal and presenting author is a Young Scientist (less than 35 years of age and who either has not yet received a Ph.D. or has received it within the last 3 years) please tick the corresponding box to compete for both Young Scientist awards.

step 5

As the form is filled, save it and if you'd like to submit another abstract, go back to "submit an abstract".

You may return to correct, delete, or add a new abstract until the abstract submission dead-line

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