SFIS2019 – 7th French Society of IsotopeS meeting – Orsay

You are cordially invited to participate to the meeting organized by the SFIS this year on 12-15 November 2019 in Orsay (91, France) on the campus of the Université de Paris-Sud (building #200).

The objectives of this meeting, similarly to those of the SFIS, are to provide the opportunity to scientists from various disciplines to share knowledge on isotopes and isotopic measurements, and to help cross-fertilization of very diverse domains of application.
The meeting is structured around two main events. The first half-day will be devoted to two short-courses, in parallel. The next five half-days will follow the classical pattern of oral and poster sessions. An ice-breaking will welcome you on Wednesday evening and the ordinary general assembly of the SFIS will be held on Thursday evening.

The short-course themes, acknowledged by SFIS’s members, will be on:

  • Metrology, error propagation, calculation behind software
  • Measurement techniques, their fields of application and limits

Short-courses will be conducted by internationally renowned scientists and will be widely open to all. The short-courses are intended for all actors of laboratory.

The general themes proposed for the sessions of the classical meeting will be related to

  • Geoscience
  • Ecology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Food industry
  • Forensic

All sessions will be held in plenary. Their contents will be a posteriori defined, according to the abstracts we will receive.

The agenda will also focus on posters and sharing times in order to promote exchanges and interdisciplinary projects.

See you in Orsay (easily reachable from Paris by RER B), on November 12, 2019 for an intensive and lively meeting!

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