Short Course 1 & 2

Tuesday 12 November (building 410, rooms 21&22)

  • Short Course 1 (2PM - 5PM)
    Isotopic composition of light elements: metrology, calibration and uncertainty calculation.(Pierre Agrinier, IPG-Paris)

    > Every measurements have uncertainties of various origin : the mass spectrometer, the preparation method, the sample... To account for the degree of approximation at which we work, it is important to estimate these uncertainties and their consequences on the results obtained. We will discuss the concepts of uncertainty and its calculation and illustrate them with selected examples from the stable isotopes geochemistry literature.
    Course will be given in French

  • Short Course 2 (2PM - 5PM)
    Quelle technique analytique choisir pour quel objectif ? (Ghylaine Quitté, IRAP Toulouse, François Fourel, LEHNA Lyon)

    > There are currently various techniques available for measuring isotopes: TIMS, ICPMS, SIMS, IRMS, AMS, RMN. But what are their respective areas of applications ? Which technique to adopt to address a given problem ? We will describe the characteristics of the different approaches, focusing on their specificities and differences, and discuss their respective advantages but also their limitations.
    Course will be given in French

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